Providing QUALITY Roofing Services Across Oxfordshire


Flat roofs are more commonly found on non domestic properties such as offices or industrial units although they are also used for single story extensions and garages. They do require fairly regular maintenance to check for any wear and tear such as rips or blockages where the rain water drains off into the gutters. 

At Blenheim Roofing we can take call of all installation and maintenance of flat roofs, whether its for your home or work premises. 


The vast majority of properties that we work on in and around the Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire areas have either tiled or slate roofs. Not only are they hard wearing and last a long time but they also compliment the aesthetics of your property. 

We offer installation on new tiles and slates as well as maintenance and repairs should anything happen to them through adverse weather or accidents. 


Night or Day, Monday through to Sunday, we are here should you have an emergency repair on your roof.  Whether it’s a loose tile taken off in the high winds or a falling tree that’s damaged your roof, we are on hand to come out, assess the damage and help fix your problem. 


Leadwork used on roofing prevents rain water from entering the property through gaps in brickwork and channels the water down, safely away and typicalling into the guttering. Leadwork can also be used as a decorative feature on properties. 

At Blenheim Roofing we can install and repair any leadwork on your property and ensure that your roof remains water tight whilst looking great. 


Roof guttering is a very important part of any roof structure and is designed to channel rain water away from the building and help protect it. Over time the guttering can become loose or start to sag which affects its ability to work properly. 

We can take care of all of your gutter repairs, whether it’s PVC, Aluminium or Cast Iron and make sure it works effectively. If left in a damaged state it can have a severe impact on your property where rain water can start to leak into your building and cause more long term damage. We will give you an honest assessment as to whether the gutter can be repaired or will need to be replaced. 

We offer a free no obligation quote so if you think your guttering is in need of repair get in touch with us today! 


Applying a liquid roof coating system is a quicker and less labour intensive way to cover the entire rooftop. The coating spreads and melts together to create a membrane that will be free from seams, holes, joints and gaps. The coating also covers and waterproofs areas that are hard to reach such including drains, pipes and walls. 

At Blenheim Roofing we are able to install and maintain liquid roofs as an alternative to either felt or tiles. 


With more households looking to increase their size of property through loft extensions, we can supply and fit Velux windows to give you additional light where needed. We offer a free no obligation quote and can advise you on a range of styles and sizes depending on your needs. 

We can also help with regular maintenance on any installed Velux window, giving your years of peace of mind.


We cover a range of building maintenance services relating to roofing. This includes building new chimney stacks, repairing any brick work or mortar including full repointing if needed. 

If your property has a chimney and we are working on the roof we will also look at the condition of the chimney and advise you if any maintenance work needs carrying out.  


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